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Given the back history of the Victoria Street Market , we have come to understand the following.

  • The site the market is built on is one that comprised of the’ blood sweat and tears of those indentured labourers and our forefathers that have fought for the right to construct a place of trade that accommodates a multi-racial “melting pot of culture” destination that is rich in culture and heritage.
  • The Victoria Street Market was based on the fight against the apartheid government against all odds that owed to the building Durban’s economy and trade.
  • Many of the traders and stalls in the Victoria street market were part of the original market that burned down in 1973.
  • It is built among many other historically significant structures with the likes of , The Juma Masjid Mosque, The Emmanuel Cathedral, The Early Morning Market and the Ghandi library to name but a few, and sites that were involved in the struggle that formed part of the building blocks of making south Africa a free and fair democracy.