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Have you ever dreamed of sashaying in a sari, getting tattooed with henna or tucking into an ‘atomic bomb’ curry? Satisfy your yearning for burning… and a lot more… at Durban’s oldest market.

Enjoy our blog posts…

Durban’s Exotic Indian District

Durban has its own Indian district. Sadly they don’t have a catchy name like Chinatown, but they do have Victoria Street Market. Kurtas, saris, incense, other fabrics, spices and pretty much anything appropriately Indian is available here. The place is a thrill for...

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The Foundation of Trade and Commerce

From time immemorial, the market has been the center of civilization’s trade and economic activity. The Victoria Street Market in Durban is no different and through constant evolution, has stood the test of time.

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A Crazy Day at Durban Market

The Adventures of Ben Durban's Victoria Street Market is a great place to visit, there's lots of things to look at. I enjoyed pancakes for lunch there and bought a Zulu cultural outfit with shoes made from car tyres! Whatever you do guys, do not get spice in your...

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Are You Interested in African Culture?

If you are interested in our African culture, the Victoria Street Market is certainly one of the places to go to. Our guide Jabulani (Sambo) was excellent, explaining the intricacies of the Traditional Healers, and other African traditions expertly. Parking is...

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Good Place for Souvenirs and Jewelry

This is a fun market to visit - shopkeepers and assistants are really friendly and only a couple were pushy. There is a lot of beautiful Zulu and Xhosa beaded jewelry here and if you’re around for a few days, you can also commission pieces. You don’t have to haggle if...

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Durban’s Historical Ties with India

The city of Durban (eThekwini) is home to one of the largest populations of Indians outside of India, and the Victoria Street Market is a reflection of the city’s historical ties with India. While the current Victoria Street Market was built at the beginning of the...

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Victoria Street Market, Tradicional e Sinistro

A Julia nos leva para conhecer um mercado tradicional de Durban, na África do Sul: o Victoria Street Market, onde você pode encontrar desde roupas, artesanato, especiarias e comidas típicas, até ervas e animais que as curandeiras zulus usam para feitiçarias!

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