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Have you ever dreamed of sashaying in a sari, getting tattooed with henna or tucking into an ‘atomic bomb’ curry? Satisfy your yearning for burning… and a lot more… at Durban’s oldest market.

Enjoy our blog posts…

Definitely A Cultural Wonder

If you want to see the penetration of Zulu culture in the city go to the Muti Bridge at Victoria Street Market. I did it with a friend who is familiar with the traders and the stuff being traded. He offered me background to the market, the bridge and the merchandise....

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A Lover of Markets

Being a lover of markets, different cultures and bright shiny things I was delighted to find a colourful flyer advertising a walking tour of the Markets of Warwick whilst on holiday in Durban. One phone call later and the next day I was being dropped off at the...

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India Meets Africa

Be transported to a world where India and Africa meet at the Victoria Street Market, on the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets in Durban. Your senses will be assaulted with the aromas of spices and incense, the colours of bright fabrics and foods, and the sounds of...

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5 Markets To Visit In Durban

Morning Trade Market Address: 5 Station Drive (The Plant), Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Contact: 082 413 1887 The Morning Trade is Durban's weekly source of farm fresh ingredients and artisan goods, situated at 5 Station Drive, The Plant. This market is a foodie treat,...

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Bargains for Durban!

A must for those traveling to Durban and looking for handicrafts. Make sure to bargain, prices will definitely drop. Plenty of stalls from which you can buy and bargain. Prices for handicrafts and souvenirs are cheaper here than Johannesburg. If you are there on a...

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A colorful experience

A colourful experience in the heart of the city. Interesting shops catering for tourists representing the African curiosity (curios, animal skins etc.) Indian spices with a most interesting guide to spices at Madari & Son who we explains which and how spices are...

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What Makes Warwick Junction Great!

Warwick Junction has become a prime example of collaborative and “people-centered” governance in South Africa. Warwick Junction Since Durban's launch of the area-based management initiative in 2001, there has been a surge of energy and community activism amongst the...

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Victoria Street Market on People Mover Route

The Victoria Street Market lies on the City Loop of the People Mover buses. This is a circular route through the main Durban city thoroughfares, starting and ending at the Dr Pixley KaSeme transfer interchange, stopping close to the City Hall, The Playhouse Theatre,...

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Durban’s Answer To Billingsgate Fish Market

The Victoria Street Market is Durban's answer to Billingsgate, London's famous fish market, as vendors bellow invitations to buy boatloads of fresh fish alongside piles of frozen prawns and crabs. With stalls overflowing with animal entrails, and minibus taxis jamming...

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A Treasure House of Zulu Craft

The Victoria Street Market is truly a treasure house of Zulu craft... woodwork, ostrich eggs, gorgeously crafted bead jewellery, and more and more! So so many shops, I bought truly amazing stuff, now decorating my table at home. But bargain you must! [addthis...

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A Durban Must See

The Victoria Street Market is a great place to visit, a must see in Durban... what a vibe! Lots of stalls selling all sorts of spices, crafts, African clothing and souvenirs. The Market is a very busy place but there is a parking lot under the main shopping area, so...

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The Bustling Market

"This is a most wonderful, bustling, captivating market where you can buy anything from African jewellery, shoes and clothes, smartphones and local food, to fruit & veg & fish & meat (including whole heads of cows or sheep which are apparently boiled whole...

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